Sustainability Project

Many fashion and beauty brands are trying to communicate a commitment to preserving the natural world. But very few brands have enough legitimate background in sustainability to have any credibility and inspire people to

believe in their cause.

Guerlain’s loyalty to our natural world, the amazing things Guerlain already achieved are an inspiring source of motivation. And thanks to their products, we can give people a chance to get involved in saving our precious bee populations.


To really inspire people into believing that together we can make a difference, we

would like to begin by showing some of the amazing things Guerlain has done to support our natural world, from conservation efforts to protect special bee species, to

saving orchids from extinction. We can show these past and future sustainability

efforts in a special interactive map hosted on Guerlain's website.

The map is a visually engaging interactive hub of content. By clicking on the different featured regions (from Black Bee Island in France, to new beekeeping initiatives) people can watch beautiful and inspiring content explaining how Geurlain is working to protect the natural world on which our products rely.

To show Guerlain's customers how they can get involved, the BEE LOYAL program will provide them with the link between their favourite products and Guerlain conservation efforts. Each product would allow customers to support a certain number of bees in the wild, thanks to efforts by Guerlain to maintain natural space for flowers as well as training beekeepers.

To provoke people into realising the seriousness of the issue and encouraging

them to think about more responsible behaviours, we created an edgy print

campaign with an activist feel. The designs will drive intrigue around the subject of the campaign and hashtags will link to the online and social content.