Digital Strategy

The brand’s modernistic image, tone, and DNA are very strong and unique. It has a clear message and aesthetics, which make it stand out from other luxury brands.

We aimed to find the approach for visual communication which will be able to reach the target and will be as smart, modern and sophisticated as the brand definition.

We aspired to make Celine’s core products stand out, highlighting their uniqueness, and creating a special visual place, where they could be showcased in a new

environment under a different spotlight. 
As a quintessence of this challenging goal, we created a genuine visual language that is based on the classic reverse perspective methodology and inspired by Francis Bacon’s execution.

These Cubist “space-frames” represent a compositional device that deliberately concentrates, clarifies and emphasises its subject. These spaceframes make Bacon’s

compositions instantly recognisable. What appears to be a glass box or a frame in Bacon’s creations, creates a new meaning, surrounding the subject with a special atmosphere.

The combination of the reverse perspective and Bacon’s version of the “space-frames”, based on the reverse perspective wither, gave us a wonderful tool to create this specially dedicated “space” for Celine’s items. Every product is positioned in this unique space, emphasising the item’s exclusivity. Monochrome colours and modernistic lines are used to strengthen the viewer’s experience and engage with Celine’s DNA.

This concept is very flexible and simple, based on the clean forms and color palette. This gave us a lot of space to be playful and interactive, to use motion design, and to create stronger emotions and special engagement with the customers.

On the main web page, we will use the silhouette of our specially designed frame, which naturally interlaces with the already existing grid.