Digital Strategy

With this collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri sought to dialogue with the real and imagined landscape of Morocco, the dream destination for artists, poets, writers,

and eternal adventures.

The collection paid homage to the red city and its historic impression upon the French fashion houses - Morocco has profoundly inspired Yves Saint Laurent during his time as artistic director.

We created the digital visual strategy in an omni-channel perspective to promote

this beautiful Cruise 2020 collection by Dior. To improve and create direct engagement with the already existing and new customers.

The core idea is to recreate this fascinating life experience of the Dior fashion show, which took place in Morocco, so we transferred it to the digital world and recreated this magical ambiance in the different dimensions.

For the key visuals, we used artistic minimalistic illustrations created especially for this occasion. The simplicity of the illustrations highlights the beauty of the products themselves and makes the complicity of the patterns of the collection stand out. The color palette was inspired by the colours of Morocco, linking the real fashion show and deep engagement of the brand to the country’s past.

The digital implementation of the campaign is very interactive and playful. All products and most illustrations are represented in motion: bags levitate over Moroccan walls, products could be scrolled through the arc of Marrakech palace, and shadows of the trees sail across the canvas, adding even more interactivity for the gazing eye.