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Irina thrives on developing strategic creative solutions across channels and platforms that lead to business growth and cultural impact. 
She leading a teams of a cross-disciplinary designers, thinkers and makers that create work at the intersection of storytelling and technology.
She successfully managed numerous complex projects as a senior creative lead for global advertising agencies including Ogilvy and Young&Rubicam. In addition, she spent years working as a Senior Creative Director in international fashion magazines such as Marie Claire, Glamour and Harpers Bazaar. 


Irina believes in a world where advertising and marketing are ethical, creative, and innovative. It’s based on how much value it creates to the world with respect to the planet, consumer's and brand’s values, and needs. In the world of mass-market advertising, she is concentrating on the creation of niche and purpose-driven communication, focused on sustainability.

She regards sustainable development as a key priority for all brands, and her biggest impact is working with companies to help them to manage, develop and communicate sustainable business practices. 


Behance x 1

Awwards x 3

CSS Design Awards x 1

Communication Art x 1

AD Week x 2

Best Design Awards x 1

Designboom x 1

Designcollector x 1


Irina wants to see a world where every young person can achieve their potential. That is why she is supporting and mentoring young creative talents and helping them to find the right path in their future career and life.


Irina regularly lecture and talk at industry events and currently she is getting into writing on design related subjects. She have also participated on industry award juries with recent jury panels.


Irina is an addict to self-development and she believes that with no learning there is no progress. She has a deep interest in psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, sustainability, neuro-marketing and innovations.


In the course of her career, Irina has worked on top-tier global brands including:
Zalando | Dior | Celine | Acne Studios | Guerlain | Loreal | Massimo Dutti | Evian | Bollinger
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