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Creative Strategy




Bugaboo mission is, and always has been, to help their customers move freely.

Whether a customer is a new parent about to step out into the world with their family or a modern traveler taking their third business trip this week, Bugaboo products are designed to help them handle life with ease.

The brief contained two sub-projects: a gentle refreshment of their website and a new the look-book of recent most iconic products of their stroller brand.


Web // A combination of playful visuals in manuscripts, transformations of Bugaboo’s visual style of communication to mirror those of contemporary luxury fashion brands, and a responsive web interface made for a wonderful contrast. By adding a passionate, playful and unpretentious tone of voice and an obvious ease of use, we perfectly demonstrated how a website can showcase the results of Bugaboo’s values, innovated concepts, and caring attitudes towards customers.

Look-book // For the best presentation of the major values of Bugaboo’s brands and products, we found a way to connect all of them in one creative structure. We looked for inspiration from an artistic abstract and combined it with a classic view of airy and playful typography.









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