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Digital Exhibition



The pandemic was also felt in the art world, as restrictions mean fewer people are venturing out to visit art exhibitions, museums and shows. This breaks our links with our culture, further increasing the overall effects of stress and anxiety.

Pompidou had a brilliant exhibition of Henry Matisse ongoing, which was locked during the confinement in the walls of the museum. Our challenge was to unlock this experience for the public and to transfer it to the digital world.


We proposed using the inherent power of artistic expression to alleviate the stresses of the pandemic and at the same time re-immerse people into the world of culture.  ‘Art Therapy’ was an interactive, multi-tiered campaign that uses the ongoing Henri Matisse exhibition to help people find a sense of peace and also unlock their creativity. 

To promote the exhibition we created a digital guided tour which was hosted through Instagram stories. Each part of the story was crafted using special music and sound effects that were designed to blend with the artwork and have a peaceful and immersive feeling. We worked with an accredited art therapist to ensure that the tour has a verified effect on our audience as they experienced the art of Matisse in a brand new way.

We cooperated with local artists, musicians, filmmakers and digital craft experts to provide them with an outlet for their expression at the same time as providing a cultural resource for the public. This allowed people to engage with various forms of art - from the original works by Matisse to the supporting pieces we created - alleviating stress in our audience and providing a platform for local creatives.








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